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      Brief description of CNC machining center maintenance methods

      Author: ComeFrom: Date:2019/3/5 18:25:32 Hits:1052

      1. Daily cleaning and cleaning of machine tool dust iron scraps: including machine control panel, spindle taper hole, tool cart, cutter head and taper shank, tool magazine arm and tool holder, turret; XY axis sheet metal shield, machine tool Inner flexible hose, tank chain device, chip groove, etc.;

      2. Check the lubricant level to ensure the lubrication of the machine;

      3. Check if the coolant in the coolant tank is sufficient, not enough to add it in time;

      4. Check if the air pressure is normal;

      5. Check if the air blowing in the taper hole of the spindle is normal, wipe the cone inside the spindle with a clean cotton cloth, and spray light oil;

      6. Clean the tool pocket and the tool, especially the claws;

      7. Check all the signal lights, whether the warning lights are normal;

      8. Check the oil pressure unit tube for leakage;

      9. The cleaning and cleaning work is carried out after the daily work of the machine tool is completed;

      10. Keep the environment around the machine clean and tidy.

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